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Search Engine Optimization (SEO), also known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), is the set of strategies put in place to improve your brand's presence on search engines*.

Composed of natural or organic referencing (SEO) and paid referencing (SEA), SEM allows you to position yourself on strategic keywords related to your business sector so that your users or prospects can find your services or products online.

The support offered by our agency, using SEO and SEA synergies, allows you to control your visibility in Google results in an increasingly competitive world.

*Google is used by 91% of users in Switzerland.

Why use our agency for your SEO ?            

The intervention of an agency allows you to combine your business knowledge with our expertise in SEO so that you achieve your marketing objectives. The role of an SEO agency is to help you better understand your digital environment.

We accompany you in the strategic thinking to :

  • Understand what your prospects or customers are looking for
  • Know who your online competitors are
  • Align your digital content with your marketing objectives
  • Highlighting your qualities (USP) in a competitive market

Content strategy

The quality of your content not only allows you to answer your users' questions, but also to position yourself on the right themes in Google. 

From the audit of your existing content, to the analysis of keywords and semantic fields of your website, we accompany you from the reflection to the implementation of your content strategy.


Technical SEO

The way your website is developed, the optimization of the media (images and videos) and a multitude of other technical factors are key aspects of a good referencing.

From the audit to the various technical optimizations, a site that is up to standard allows for a better user experience and an optimal position in search engines.

Backlinking and Off-site

Your digital presence doesn't stop with your website. You need to understand who is talking about you, make sure they are reliable sources and integrate links to your key pages.

From the audit of backlinks to the control of your image on the Internet, we accompany you in the implementation of an off-site SEO strategy.

How can an SEA agency contribute to your digital success?

Paid search (SEA) allows you to complement your natural search engine optimization (SEO) by ensuring additional visibility in search results. Develop your visibility among the first positions of Google results dedicated to paid ads.

Whether it's to control your brand image, improve your positioning on your strategic keywords, test new keywords or new markets, SEA is a flexible and effective solution for achieving your marketing objectives.

Entrust your Google Ads or Bing Ads SEA campaigns to an agency to pool your business knowledge and the experience of our paid search specialists.

We accompany you in the strategic thinking for :

  • Understand what your prospects or customers are looking for
  • Aligning your keywords with your site's content
  • Help your prospects find the right information at the right time
  • Optimize your positioning on strategic themes
  • Highlighting your qualities (USP) in a competitive market

Search network

Strengthen your positioning in Google on your strategic keywords. Expand your keywords to reach a wider target and control your brand image through ad personalization.

Display ads and YouTube

Broadcast your visual ads and develop your notoriety on the network of Google partner websites.

Optimize the positioning of your video ads with a qualitative and attentive audience on the YouTube network.

Google Shopping

Increase your e-commerce website sales by creating ads in the Google Shopping network for your entire product catalog or a selection of it.

Reach your sales goals by increasing your visibility to Internet users searching for your products.

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